Crystals for Inner Child Healing

$ 44

Crystals for Inner Child Healing are the perfect choice for healing deep rooted emotional issues. These natural crystals help to restore the sence of innocence, emotional balance, reconnect you to your true self and heal your inner child. Let these crystals bring clarity and peace as you embark on your journey of healing.

Crystals in this set include:

KIWI JASPER / Inner Child Healing
DALMATIAN JASPER / Playfulness & Having Fun
ARAGONITE / Calming & Stress Reducing
FLOWER AGATE / Blossoming into Fullest Potential
APRICOT AGATE / Self Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness
OCEAN JASPER / Soothes Emotions & Brings Peace
SELENITE / Mental Clarity & Pure Intentions
LEPIDOLITE / Heals Depression & Pain from Past
TREE AGATE / Feeling Safe & Connected