Bohemian Dreamer is designed for those who dare to dream. For the untamed spirit. For the enlightened soul. For the explorers and adventurers. And for those who seek love, beauty and truth above all. Bohemian Dreamer is designed for you. May you always be surrounded by love and beauty no matter where life takes you. Stay true and dream on, my lovely bohemian dreamers. The world needs more beautiful souls like you.

About the Artist

Rachel Farabaugh is an artist & entrepeneur dedicated to overseeing a multitude of creative enterprises she has created over the past ten years. As a trained artist and graphic designer, she is able to express ideas quickly across a wide variety of creative outlets. She is happiest when she is creative directing projects for her clients, illustrating books, traveling, photographing wild animals, making jewelry, designing apparel for fashion brands and drawing in her sketch books. Dreams and writing play an important role in her inspiration and she keeps extensive dream journals of stories and ideas that she brings to life through her work as an artist.