Bohemian Dreamer is your portal into the world of magic. Located in one of the most well known vortex locations on the planet, it is our desire to bring the supercharged spiritual energies of this powerful vortex to you. We wish that every purchase from Bohemian Dreamer leaves you feeling empowered, inspired and ready to manifest your dreams. All items found on Bohemian Dreamer are either handmade or sourced from unique artisans around the globe. Our shop is specially curated to help you connect with your higher self and tap into the magic that exists in the natural world. Come visit our flagship location in Sedona or shop online.


Rachel Farabaugh is the artist and creator of the Inspirational Tarot Decks and Dream Magic Publications books found online. In addition, she designs her own custom jewelry and creates other one of a kind products for Bohemian Dreamer. After living in LA for nearly ten years, Rachel spent a year and a half traveling across the US photographing National Parks and living in her newly renovated vintage RV. She travels frequently to India to photograph tigers and to the Amazon jungles of Peru to photograph new species of monkeys and other wildlife. She has always had a deep seeded love of the rainforest and supports the indigenous women of the Amazon by sourcing their hand woven baskets directly. It is her goal to spread awareness and help save the rainforest from deforestation by reminding others of the beauty before it is lost.