Crystals for Magic & Psychic Awakening

$ 44

Unlock your psychic potential with these crystals for Magic and Psychic Awakening. This specifically curated set of crystals are perfect for awakening your third eye, connecting with God and higher realms, and allowing you to reach and explore your spiritual power. Boost your inner wisdom with these vibrant and powerful energies.

Crystals in this set include:

LABRADORITE / Psychic Awakening
LARVIKITE / Protection (Repels Darkness)
BLUE KYANITE / Meditation & Dreams
VESUVIANITE / Past Life Recall & Healing
MYSTIC MERLINITE / Shadow Work & Integration
DUMORTIERITE / Clairvoyance & Pyschic Gifts
GOLDEN RUTILE / Amplify Visions & Intentions
AMPHIBOLE / Connection with Angels & Spirit Guides
MOONSTONE / Magic & Manifestation