Anteater Print

$ 10
Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Dig beneath the surface to see the deeper truths that lie buried underneath.

When something feels off and you’re not quite sure what is wrong, call on Anteater to help you. This wise creature will help you to dig beneath the surface and see the deeper truths that lie buried. What Anteater lacks in clear vision, they make up for in a heightened sense of smell. This increased sensory experience leads to stronger intuition and a greater development of psychic abilities. Use these gifts to sense ulterior motives from others or to clear away any hidden obstacles that are standing in your way. Anteater is not afraid to defend its territory and is fearless in standing its ground. As solo creatures, they spend a great deal of time alone and move at their own pace. Make sure you are not rushing or putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Take your time and trust your intuition to guide you each step of the way.