Baboon Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

it is ok to defend yourself and set FIRM boundaries with difficult people in your life.

Baboons are fierce and loyal protectors. Now is the time to be more discerning and defend yourself when necessary. Only share what is sacred with those you trust completely. Avoid those who wish to take from you. Sometimes “no” is simply the best answer when it comes to setting boundaries with difficult people in your life. Do not be afraid to speak your truth and walk away from those who do not respect your need for space. Baboon reminds you to ground yourself after any intense situations or confrontations. Learn from the experience so you can understand your role as well as the role of the others involved. This will help prevent more future conflicts and eliminate feelings of being victimized or bullied. Once you understand the lessons and gifts involved with these types of challenges, you’ll never have to repeat them again.