Badger Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

now is the time to be assertive and persistent in your self expression without fear of judgement.

Call on Badger when you need a powerful guide to eliminate all fears when it comes to self expression and judgement. Now is the time to be true to yourself and not worry about the opinions of others. Be fearless in your pursuit of living a life authentically aligned to your soul’s purpose. Speak freely and act on your desires and instincts without worrying about approval or permission. Be yourself unapologetically and you will attract the right people who are in alignment with your vision. Badger has strong determination when pursuing what it is they want and does not give up easily. Use this energy and momentum to know that nothing can stop you. Defend your ideas, opinions and expressions fearlessly. The world needs authentic leaders like you to speak your truth and be the example for others to look up to.