Bison Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Use your resources wisely and know that everything you need is already within reach.

Bison (or Buffalo) is strongly connected to Spirit and is a reminder of the abundance and generosity always available. When it comes to manifestation of dreams, it is important to focus on the magic you wish to create rather than the obstacles holding you back. You will receive the support you need as long as you remain balanced in your desire for more along with gratitude for the gifts that you already have. Buffalo is the ultimate symbol of using resources wisely. Everything you need is already within reach. You have the power to manifest anything you wish for, so make sure your desires are grounded in sacred gratitude and watch as the Universe supports you. Call on Buffalo when you are ready to use your gifts and talents to help impact the world. You will always have everything you need in life when you honor all things as sacred.