Bull Print

$ 10

Bull is a strong masculine spirit that also embodies equally balancing feminine characteristics. While the body of the bull itself is strong and grounded into Earth, the horns of the bull are shaped like the crescent moon which is lunar and feminine. With the presence of both masculine and feminine characteristics, the bull is a symbol of fertility and virility. What seeds would you like to sow? If you have ideas, dreams, or relationships that require fertilization, the bull is the perfect spirit to assist you. Bulls are also notoriously stubborn, and you can use this to your advantage when needing to stand your ground. Another way to use this energy would be to shift this into determination. Do not give up on your dreams, and call on bull when you need the strength to move forward without hesitation.

This fine art print is based off the original artwork by artist Rachel Farabaugh as part of the Spirit Animals series. Please allow up to two weeks for printing, processing and shipping. Thanks!