Deer Print

$ 10

Of all the wild creatures of the forest, deer is perhaps the most gentle to behold. A symbol of peace and serenity, deer holds a natural beauty and innocence unlike any other. With incredible survival instincts, deer maintain symbiotic relationships within their herd as well as with other species. They represent the idea of working together in cooperation rather than in competition. Deer is a reminder that you can show up as a strong presence to others while exuding calm, gentle energy. A little kindness goes a long way. Be sure to honor your innocence and stay heart centered so you may stay aligned to peace and harmony in all aspects of your life. Let deer be a reminder of what really matters, and do not get lost in the harshness of the outer world. There also exists a world filled with grace and beauty, and you have a choice each day as to which world you wish to create from.

This fine art print is based off the original artwork by artist Rachel Farabaugh as part of the Spirit Animals series. Please allow up to two weeks for printing, processing and shipping. Thanks!