Scarab Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Detox your physical and energetic bodies to restore balance within yourself.

Salamanders have soft skin and are highly sensitive to their environments. If you have a tendency to feel everything and often find yourself absorbing the negative energy of others, let this guide be of service to you. Learn how to create energetic boundaries and don’t be afraid to say no. Make sure you are staying grounded by spending enough time in nature to rest and recharge. Spend time in solitude to process your emotions and regain energy. Learn to differentiate between what feelings are yours and what emotions you are feeling from others. Meditate and make space for rest in between social activities. You are also encouraged to detox your physical body and pay more attention to the foods and drinks you consume. Make sure to remove any toxins from your surrounding environment and be extra sensitive to your body’s needs.