Paint Your Spirit Guides

In this guided painting experience, you'll learn how to connect with your higher self through artistic meditation. In this class, you'll learn painting techniques that allow you to express yourself in ways you've never known were possible. Your painting could be in the form of abstract energy, your higher self aura portrait, or the representation of your spirit guides. I'll help you tap into your inner artist and bring to life the beauty that your mind envisions. Prior art experience and training is not necessary. Be prepared to have fun and surprise yourself as your hidden talents are brought to life. The class is held in my art studio in Sedona. Canvas and paints are provided along with tea and chocolate to help fuel your creativity.

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Make Your Own Magic Wand

Learn how to make your own Magic Wand using all natural elements from the Earth. I provide all necessary materials such as crystals, sticks, leather, feathers, sinew, and beads. I'll teach you the Mongolian tradition of activating and caring for your wand and how to properly make one. Feel free to bring special items of your own to include as well. The class is held in my art studio in Sedona surrounded by beautiful views of red rocks.

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Create Your Own Tarot Deck

We'll meet at my art studio where I'll teach you how to read Tarot as well as a brief history of the cards. From there, I'll provide you with either a blank deck of cards that you can illustrate yourself. I have a variety of markers, pens and colored pencils. Each standard deck consists of 78 cards that have beautiful metallic finishing on the back and is uncoated on the side that you get to personalize and take home with you. This is your chance to learn Tarot and create your own unique deck at the same time!

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