Angelfish Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Explore your hidden subconsciousness programming by diving deeper into your emotions.

When you are ready to begin deep emotional healing work and explore your hidden subconscious, call on Angelfish. This spirit guide embodies wisdom that will enable you to see more clearly into your emotions and understand the traumas and triggers that are ready to be surfaced for healing. Many of our patterns and habits are formed unconsciously, and there is a time in life when we must bring awareness to these parts of ourselves. This is how we heal and remove the old limiting beliefs that used to hold us back. Let Fish be your guide to help you navigate the waters of your emotions, no matter how turbulent they may get. Fish reminds you to let these emotions flow through you and past you so they no longer feel stuck. The freedom that comes from this new awareness will bring an incredible sense of calmness and clarity.