Armadillo Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

You are psychically protected from unwanted criticism and harassment from others.

Armadillo has a tough exterior yet is soft and sensitive on the inside. When faced with conflict, Armadillo puts up a tough shield and retreats inward to avoid danger. Call on this animal spirit when you need extra emotional or psychic protection from unwanted criticism or harassment from others. Sometimes it is best to retreat rather than to confront the situation. Be very clear with your intentions and set firm boundaries with anyone invasive. Keep all personal and sensitive issues to yourself at the moment, and be more discerning with who you trust. Use your intuition to unearth the hidden motives of others. By digging deeper, you will discover anything deceitful beneath the surface. You have the power to discover secrets and hidden knowledge simply by looking deep within and trusting your inner guidance.