Bat Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Confront your shadow self to work through any fears, doubts or anxiety that is holding you back.

Call on Bat when you are ready to confront your shadow self and work through any fears, self doubt or anxiety that may be holding you back. Guided by senses other than their eyes, bats are able to see in the dark with perfect vision. Go to your darkest places and trust that you are safe to explore them. Start by releasing attachments and letting go of the habits and thoughts which no longer serve you. Offer forgiveness for both yourself and others. The challenges you are facing now are part of your initiation into a higher purpose that is more spiritually aligned. This is a necessary part of your soul’s growth, preparing you for what is next. Now is the time to conquer your fears. Use your intuition to look deeply within yourself and know that you are surrounded by the support of your ancestors and spirit guides.