Beaver Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Now is the time to build the life of your dreams and begin that project you’ve been envisioning.

Beaver encourages you to take action on the manifestation of your visions and dreams. It takes focus, patience, and dedication to accomplish whatever it is you desire to create. Be diligent throughout the process and make sure you see it all the way through until the end. Beavers are industrious workers who understand the importance of productivity, teamwork and achievement. They work together in cooperation as the engineers and architects of their reality, shifting the external world around them. As you begin to construct your new reality, call on the disciplined energy of Beaver as you take action on the projects and dreams that excite you the most. Align yourself with the support of others who may be of help or encouragement along the way. Now is the time to take action on building the life of your dreams.