Butterfly Print

$ 10

Butterfly is the ultimate symbol of transformation. There is no other creature on Earth who goes through as much transition in one lifetime as the butterfly. Call on this beautiful spirit when you are going through your own transformations and would like to embrace the changes in a light and positive way. Throughout life, we are constantly refining our sense of self, beliefs, purpose, ideas, and dreams. It is important to embrace these changes as we upgrade our sense of identity and break free from our self imposed cocoons. Look to the bright and joyous colors of the butterfly to remind you that change can be harmonious and magical. Stay light in spirit and be delighted with the changes you are going through rather than resisting them. Know that all events in our life are happening for us and are designed for our highest good.

This fine art print is based off the original artwork by artist Rachel Farabaugh as part of the Spirit Animals series. Please allow up to two weeks for printing, processing and shipping. Thanks!