Camel Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Slow down and conserve your energy as to not overexert yourself. You have the stamina to finish.

Camel is one of the most powerful symbols of endurance. If you need strength and persistence to make it through a challenging time with no end in sight, call on Camel to guide and protect you throughout the long journey. Camel carries within itself all of the resources needed to endure long periods of hardship and survive tough conditions. They are the ultimate self-sufficient creatures when it comes to traveling long distances. This animal knows how to conserve resources wisely, moving with steadiness and patience along the way. When it is necessary to be of service to others, Camel reminds you of your inner strength and ability to provide support to those who rely on you. You are reminded to slow down and conserve your energy so you may not overexert yourself. Only offer what you are truly able to give.