Chameleon Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Remain flexible when it comes to dealing with the changing circumstances of life.

Chameleon is a highly adaptable creature when it comes to blending into any environment. As bright and colorful as they are, Chameleon prefers to blend in rather than stand out. They represent flexibility when it comes to interacting with a wide range of changing life circumstances. Call on these beautiful spirits when you need help adapting to certain situations that take you out of your comfort zone. They are here to show you that you can still maintain your unique vibrancy and sense of identity even when blending in. Chameleon will help you have the discernment of knowing when to remain in the background and when to stand out. When you choose to stand out, remember that you are safe and protected. These powerful animal guides will help you adapt to the changing environment around you and remain flexible.