Crystals for Magic & Psychic Awakening

$ 44

Crystals for Magic & Psychic Awakening are hand selected to help strengthen the third eye and crown chakras. Each stone in the collection is a beautiful 1" tumble that will look similar to the image that is listed, but not exact due to natural variances. Each set comes with the description card shown.

Crystals in this set include:

AMETHYST / Spiritual Auric Protection
ATLANTISITE / Past Lives & Kundalini Awakening
BLUE KYANITE / Dreams & Psychic Abilities
CELESTITE / Visions & Spirit Guide Communication 
CHAROITE / Past Lives & Akashic Records  
DUMORTIERITE / Clairvoyance & Pyschic Gifts 
LABRADORITE / Protection & Psychic Awakening
LARVIKITE / Reverse Bad Luck & Enhance Magic
PURPURITE / Ascension & Enlightenment