Crystals for Motherhood

$ 44

Crystals for Birth & Motherhood are hand selected to aid in the assistance of birth and recovery, and this set makes an excellent gift for new moms. Each stone in the collection is a beautiful 1" tumble that will look similar to the image that is listed, but not exact due to natural variances. Each set comes with the description card shown.

Crystals in this set include:

BLOODSTONE / Recovery after Giving Birth
BLUE APATITE / Weight Loss
FOSSILIZED CORAL / Physical Healing
KUNZITE / Self Love & Acceptance
LEPIDOLITE / Calming (Contains Lithium)
MOONSTONE / Balance Feminine Hormones
MOSS AGATE / Grounds Chaotic Energy
PEACH MOONSTONE / Fertility & Motherhood 
SMOKY QUARTZ / Energetic Boundaries