Dragon Print

$ 10

Dragon is an ancient symbol of primordial power that has been an inspiration for many legends throughout history. A master of the natural elements, dragon possesses strong elemental magic. When brought into your world, they inspire mystery and wonder to all who behold their image. This powerful and mesmerizing creature asks that you tap into your psychic abilities and create more space for magic and wonder in your life. Now is the time to rekindle your soul’s fire and fan the flames of your desire. Dragon holds a great deal of metaphysical knowledge and is a powerful protector of those who seek wisdom and mastery. You are safe and protected from outside forces at this time. Let dragon be a helpful guide and guardian as you’re going through any type of personal transformation or journey.

This fine art print is based off the original artwork by artist Rachel Farabaugh as part of the Spirit Animals series. Please allow up to two weeks for printing, processing and shipping. Thanks!