Duck Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Go with the flow of life and let any stressful feelings or situations glide smoothly past you.

Ducks are master navigators when it comes to dealing with emotions and going with the flow of life. They are able to handle rough waters with grace and ease, which equates to them being excellent guides when it comes to emotions. There is no need to drown in your feelings. Feel them and let them flow through you and past you as you understand that emotions are watery in nature. Water cannot get stuck in one place for long unless it is stagnant. Your emotions are constantly flowing, and this is a reminder that your emotions cannot get stuck either. Let the stressful feelings glide smoothly over you and past you as you navigate through them. Duck will be your guide to take you through turbulent waters and get you through to the other side gracefully. You are safe and protected as you work through the most difficult feelings.