Gorilla Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Make sure to communicate clearly with others and share your feelings and intentions honorably.

Gorilla is perhaps one of the most noble and regal spirits of the animal kingdom. They have a strong presence and yet they are incredibly gentle creatures. This is due to their calm disposition and their ability to communicate their feelings and intentions honorably with others. They have mastery over their emotions and act with integrity, which makes them excellent leaders. Call on Gorilla when you need a guiding spirit to help you step into your own position of authority and leadership. Be honorable and compassionate when dealing with others who are less evolved. Gorilla reminds you to be patient and loving while also exerting strong boundaries. A leader knows how to fully embody these gifts without hesitation. Be the inspiration the world needs right now and let these abilities guide you as you set the example for others.