Hawk Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Allow yourself to strive for greater heights and purpose in life without fear.

Hawks have the ability to soar high above the ground and view life from a higher perspective. They are fearless when it comes to pursuing what it is they want. When you need an encouraging guide to help you strive for greater heights and reach for more meaningful purpose in life, call on Hawk. This powerful spirit will be there to encourage you on your path so you may achieve your greatest potential. When it is time to act, do so with focused intention. When you need to see all vantage points and gain insight into which direction to take, let your higher self take the lead. The vision and clarity that comes from Hawk will help you in making decisions easily and with confidence. Keep sharpening your senses and trusting your innate abilities as you step into your higher purpose. You are encouraged to move fearlessly and trust in the unknown.