Healing Prayer Commands

$ 20

Healing Prayer Commands is a comprehensive guide to navigating the Laws of the Universe and understanding how reality and consciousness are connected. Everything that exists in this Universe is made up of energy, and we are able to work with this energy in ways that expand far beyond the normal range of possibility that is presented to us. By identifying our deeply held beliefs, we are able to understand where we have placed our limits on reality. As we identify those limits, we have the ability to change our beliefs and break free of limiting experiences. This is how we expand our consciousness, which directly results in the expansion of our reality. 

This book is a guide to uncovering your beliefs, testing them on a subconscious level, and consciously changing them. By understanding where the beliefs come from and how they have served you, it is easier to let them go. As you let them go, you create space for new experiences and are able to reprogram new beliefs into your subconscious that are in alignment with what you truly desire in life. Use this book as a guide to making changes in your life that actually work. Learn how to expand your consciousness beyond the third dimension so you can expand your reality far beyond anything you’ve ever known. Remember that there are no limits when it comes to what you want and what you can do in this lifetime.