Heron Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

realign yourself back to center by finding the stillness and tranquility within.

When you need to realign yourself back to center, call on Heron. This graceful bird will guide you back into alignment once again by helping you find the stillness within. Cultivate more time for yourself by eliminating distractions and removing yourself temporarily from social scenes. Make peace and tranquility your top priority by finding ways to reduce pressure on yourself. This can be done by meditating and looking inward to truly honor your needs rather than your impulses. Remove all thoughts of other people and eliminate expectations at this time. A temporary break is needed in order to reset your energy back to calmness. Feel the emotions rise within your body as you pay attention to your own needs rather than the needs of others. Honor your craving for solitude and rest and trust that it will serve you well.