Hippo Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Balance your emotions to stay grounded and avoid the extremes. Take time to recharge and rest.

Hippopotamus is very powerful and can be an indirect representation of your emotions. Do not let your emotions overtake your energy and pull you off balance. When you are upset, it is important not to let aggression take the lead. Acting too impulsively can damage your relationships with others, so make sure to ground yourself first and act from a place of calmness and clarity. Balance is key when it comes to managing the many emotions that surface each day. Make sure you are getting enough alone time to process your feelings so they are not getting stifled. Give voice to your suppressed emotions so they do not bottle up and explode at inappropriate times. Listen to your feelings and let them guide you to what your body needs and is communicating with you. Most importantly, stay grounded and let yourself recharge when needed.