Hyena Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Do not back down when you’re in trouble and need the courage to get yourself out of it.

When you’re in trouble and need help getting out, call on Hyena. This strong spirit guide will help you to face whatever it is you’re dealing with courageously and without fear. Sometimes backing down is necessary, and sometimes it is best to stand your ground. Let Hyena guide you into determining the right approach and to have courage when it’s necessary to stand firm. Even if you’re afraid, know that dealing with the issue now is a much better approach than avoiding it and having to deal with the consequences later on. Have no fear when it comes to the others involved. Hyenas are masters of the social world and will help you to navigate the situation with ease and a light heart. Now is the time to be strong in your convictions and stand your ground with courage. You have the support of your ancestors with you.