Leopard Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Let your confidence guide you to always follow your own path independently of others.

Leopard is a solitary animal who possesses great confidence and skill in the wild. This is a message to embrace your own independence and follow the path that is unique to you. Do not worry about conforming or following the path that others take. Let your confidence guide you to be your truest self. You are the embodiment of grace, dignity and regalness. You understand that true power is not shown by force, but rather by quiet strength and humility. Your beauty and power are obvious without needing to take the center stage. It is simply a part of who you are and does not go unnoticed by others. With this knowing, you are able to remain grounded and confident which allows you to walk proudly. You can be sure that you’ll leave a mark on the world and influence those around you with such a powerful presence.