Lion Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Claim your authority and stand proudly in your truth and dignity. You are a regal and powerful soul.

Lion is a reminder of your own personal power. Have you been afraid of stepping into your power? If so, let this be a reminder to let go of all fears and doubts that are holding you back. Now is not the time to play small or hide yourself. You are a regal and dignified soul who deserves to be acknowledged for your gifts. It is time to stand up and shine. Be the inspiration the world needs right now and let yourself be the light for others. You possess great leadership qualities and now is the time to fully step into your position of authority. In order to help change the world, you’ll need to fully be in your confidence. Dissolve all fears, anxieties, doubt and negativity. Self defeating behavior has no room in Lion’s kingdom. You are encouraged to step fully into your power and live life confidently by your own rules.