Lizard Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Be alert to your surroundings and use your intuition to guide you moment by moment.

Lizards are highly sensitive beings with an acute awareness of their surroundings. They know how to blend in, adapt and react quickly when escape is necessary.
Let this be a reminder to stay alert and use your intuition to guide you on your own path, moment by moment. You will always know what to do by listening to your inner voice. There is no need to fear the unknown or worry about danger, because your senses will alert you when it is time to react. Act quickly when it’s necessary to jump at new opportunities or remove yourself from situations that no longer serve you. You are able to move quickly when the situation calls for adaptation and change. You are also skilled at regeneration and are able to bounce back quickly from any conflicts or altercations along the way. Trust that you are always safe and protected.