Marmoset Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Let go of feeling stuck by moving in a new direction and following what brings you the most joy.

Marmoset (or Monkey) is a playful reminder to have more fun in life! Inquisitive and carefree, Monkey loves to explore and discover new things. When you are feeling bored or dull, let Monkey be your guide into new terrain. Now is the time for your imagination and childlike nature to come to life. Do not suppress your mind in ways that limit you into becoming too strict. Allow yourself to feel excitement and enjoy the well deserved rewards along the way. If you are feeling stuck, ask yourself why you are hesitating from moving forward. Perhaps you’re on a path that no longer brings you joy and now is the time for a fresh start. Do not be afraid to change directions when change is in order. Sometimes it is better to start over and follow the path that brings you the most excitement. It is never too late to begin something new. Let go and allow your heart to guide you.