Orca Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

You are protected by your ancestors as you travel about and leave all that is familiar behind.

Orcas live together in pods and are very protective of their families. They travel long distances and lead very adventurous lives swimming far across the oceans. Orca is here to remind you that your ancestors are connected to you from the spiritual realms. Although you may not see them, there is no separation. Feel their energies and know that you are protected as you travel through life. Leave behind all that is familiar and comfortable as you explore new territories. You have the strength and protection of your loved ones behind you. Even if your family relationships are strained in real life, know that they are forged from love. The sacredness of familial bonds will hold strong even in times of stress. You originate from ancestors who care about you and will always protect you from the other side. Know that you are always supported.