Jaguar Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Look for messages from Spirit and your guides as you reclaim your divine magical powers.

Jaguar symbolism is a reminder to pay attention to the messages being sent to you from Spirit. Your ancestors and guides are always with you, and it is important to start tuning in. As solitary creatures, Jaguar (or Panther) is the ultimate representation of the shaman. They are the gatekeepers of ancient wisdom and mysticism. Living in wild places such as caves, caverns and jungles allows Jaguar to become one with the magic of nature. Begin your own studies of shamanism, ancestral magic, and other esoteric subjects that spark your interest. Reclaim your divine magical powers as you start to remember the ancient wisdom and knowledge that has been passed down from your ancestors. Magic is your birthright. It is up to you to make it a priority and walk the spiritual path that you are destined for.