Raven Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Change is on the horizon and magic is in the air. Be prepared for unexpected gifts and messages.

Raven is a powerful messenger between the worlds. When this spirit guide shows up, be prepared for the unexpected. Change is on the horizon and magic is in the air. Be on high alert for gifts and messages from the other side as levels of communication are heightened. Learn to see what is unseen and hear the words that are unspoken. There is so much more happening than meets the eye. Tap into your psychic senses and let your extrasensory abilities lead you into discovering the hidden truths. Do not take everything you see or hear at face value as you learn to see the deeper underlying meanings. Additionally, you are being asked to communicate your needs clearly and without hesitation. Give voice to your hidden desires so you may bring them to life. Express the truth within your heart and watch for the magic to follow.