Spirit Animal Wisdom Book & Oracle Decks

$ 144

Spirit Animal Wisdom is a channeled guide that helps you to connect with messages from the Animal Kingdom. Printed in full color, this book contains over 130 original paintings from artist Rachel Farabaugh. Each image and corresponding message is meant to activate and inspire you to your highest potential. Use this book as a reference guide to learn more about the animals you see in dreams, real life or in visions. You can also read from cover to cover to learn all of the secrets of the Animal Kingdom that await to be shared with you.

This bundle deal contains:
- 300 page full color Spirit Animal Wisdom Book 
- First Edition Spirit Animal Oracle Deck (77 cards)
- Second Edition Spirit Animal Oracle Deck (77 cards)

This set is your FULL GUIDE to animal spirit wisdom with every animal in the book represented through oracle cards. Both decks can be combined into one as they are able to mix and match.