Swan Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Let your inner beauty and gracefulness shine brightly. Never dim your light.

Swans are extremely graceful and elegant creatures. When this guide shows up, you are being reminded of your own inner radiance and grace. Let your natural beauty shine brightly and never dim your light. You are a vibrant and beautiful soul. Do not judge yourself and you will never be judged by others. Remember that true beauty lies within, and when you feel the love and happiness in your heart, you radiate that same beauty outwards. Be sensual and let your self expression come to life through movement and dance. You are graceful and mesmerizing in your very existence. When in love, you will do everything to honor that relationship and show up for your partner. Make sure to fall in love with yourself first, and you will always feel that same joyful feeling of love being fully expressed within your heart.