Crystals for Anxiety & Depression

$ 44

Crystals for Anxiety & Depression are hand selected to assist with calming the mind and soothing emotions. Each stone in the collection is a beautiful 1" tumble that will look similar to the image that is listed, but not exact due to natural variances. Each set comes with the description card shown.

Crystals in this set include:

AMETHYST / Calming and Relaxing
ARFVEDSONITE / Break Old Routines & Habits
DALMATIAN JASPER / Overcome Depression
HEMATOID QUARTZ / Stop Impulsive Behaviors 
HOWLITE / Relaxing for Better Sleep
KIWI JASPER / Overcome Addictions 
LEPIDOLITE / Anxiety, ADHD, Overthinking (Contains Lithium)
OBSIDIAN / Remove Negative Thoughts
OCEAN JASPER / Release Suppressed Emotions