Crystals for Inner Child Healing

$ 44

Crystals for Innocence & Inner Child are hand selected for anyone who is actively healing childhood trauma and wanting to reconnect with their inner child. Each stone in the collection is a beautiful 1" tumble that will look similar to the image that is listed, but not exact due to natural variances. Each set comes with the description card shown.

Crystals in this set include:

AMAZONITE / Making Peace with Family
AVENTURINE / Adventures & Taking More Risks
CITRINE / Happiness & Joyful Energy
DALMATIAN JASPER / Playfulness & Having Fun
GARNIERITE / Making Peace with Being Alone
PETRIFIED WOOD / Breaking Ancestral Patterns
SELENITE / Purity & Good Intentions
TREE AGATE / Feeling Safe & Grounded
TURQUOISE / Healing Past Life Trauma