Elephant Print

$ 10

Elephants are a highly regarded totem of strength and beauty. Although they are large and powerful, they are equally gentle and graceful. Strength is not about dominance or brute force, it is about focused intent and dignity. Their presence commands respect, and they are often seen as symbols of prestige and honor. Living together in herds, elephants are highly telepathic and protect one another. This creates bonds of loyalty amongst the herd. You are encouraged to not only stand up for yourself, but also to protect the honor of those you love. It is important to use your strength for good, and to see the beauty in both yourself and others. Be the gentle (yet strong) warrior whose presence is felt rather than forced. Your calm and collected composure will help you through any situation that requires dignity and grace.

This fine art print is based off the original artwork by artist Rachel Farabaugh as part of the Spirit Animals series. Please allow up to two weeks for printing, processing and shipping. Thanks!