Flamingo Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Stay in balance within yourself and nothing will ever be able to take you down.

When it comes to staying in balance with your emotions, Flamingo is a beautiful guide to help you. Known for their vibrant pink color and the ability to stand on one leg, this exotic bird reminds you to stand tall and be yourself. Make peace within by accepting all parts of yourself and learn how to work with the extreme emotions so they may no longer take you off balance. Find the middle ground and let any turbulent feelings quickly ripple outwards and away from you. Feel the strength that you possess within and stand confidently as you allow patience and compassion to carry you forward. Love yourself unconditionally and let your unique personality and style shine boldly. Never apologize for being different and never let anyone or anything convince you that you need to change to fit someone else’s beliefs.