Goose Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Defend the honor of yourself and those you love with bravery and kindness.

When you need a brave and courageous guide to help you stand firmly to defend the honor of those you love, call on Goose. Stand up for yourself and be assertive when it comes to setting boundaries and defending your position. There are no circumstances too difficult for Goose to handle. This loyal animal spirit will stay with you to the very end and be there to support you at each step of the way. The devotion and loving energy of Goose is a good reminder to cultivate the relationships in your life with tenderness and care. Goose remains loyal to their mate and will do anything to protect their partner and family. Call on this type of energy when it’s your turn to be the leader. You are safe and protected as you step into your position of power. Learn how to take the lead when necessary and to step back when it’s time to recharge.