Iguana Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Remain patient and stay calm. Relax and let go as you move through this next transition.

Iguanas are incredibly patient and relaxed creatures. Despite having quick reflexes, they tend to move slowly and only react when necessary. They know how to conserve their power and energy. When you need a guide to help you relax and remain calm as you’re going through stressful situations, let Iguana lead you. Surrender any fear and anxiety as you let trust take over. Take deep breaths to realign your body and spirit to your true self. Surrender all worry and doubt. Whatever transitions you are going through are only temporary, and you will get through this. Remember that life always works out for the best and everything ends up being ok. Uncertainty has a way of both challenging and strengthening your spirit. You have incredible resilience and adaptability within yourself to get through this quickly and easily.