Koala Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Do not let the small annoyances bother you. Only react when the situation is urgent.

Koala is the embodiment of calmness during times of stress. When life is becoming too chaotic and you need to rest, call on this gentle creature. Take a break from working too hard and allow yourself the opportunity to rest and recharge. Now is the time to relax and let yourself enjoy some well deserved downtime. Koalas are quite easy going and do not react unless the situation is urgent and calls for it. Let this be a reminder to not let the small annoyances bother you. Learn to let go of stresses in the moment and do not carry them with you. Slow down and conserve your energy as to not get burnt out. It is ok to take a slower and more leisurely approach. Take more naps and let your body and your mind rest so they can integrate and recharge. It is necessary to honor your needs when resting and relaxing are in order.