Mahogany Obsidian Tumblers

$ 111

These handmade Mahogany Obsidian Tumblers are glazed in an amber and black glaze combination over speckled clay body to match the colors of the Obsidian crystals that are attached. This comes as a matching set of two. Handmade in Sedona, Arizona by Rachel Farabaugh.

Mahogany Obsidian is known to be a highly protective crystal that helps to eliminate negative thoughts and remove energy blocks. It is both shielding and grounding, working energetically on the root chakra to help create strong foundations. It is said to enhance focus, confidence, and decision making abilities which makes this an empowering crystal for self confidence and balance.

SIZE: 3" height x 2.5" width
VOLUME: 4 oz
USE: Coffee or Large Double Espresso (fits Nespresso machine)