Narwhal Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Embrace your magical powers and know that you are free to fully embody your gifts.

Narwhals are often referred to as the Unicorns of the sea. This is because of their long, singular tusk that is the defining characteristic of this incredibly magical creature. When Narwhal shows up, you are being reminded to embrace your own magical powers. Let your body be your divining rod to connect you to the powers of Heaven and Earth. Channel the energy through your body and let your extrasensory abilities come to life. Tap into your psychic senses and allow yourself to full embody your gifts. You are safe and protected. Your ancestors are encouraging you to embrace the magical components of life and remember your true power. The gifts you’ve been given are ready to be accessed and used to help in the service of the greater good. Embrace your magical abilities and let them guide you towards your mission.