Orangutan Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Be gentle with yourself as you move into your heart and align with your softer side.

Orangutan is here to teach you how to align to your softer side. Although they possess great strength, it is their self control and gentleness that defines them.
Let this be a reminder to be gentle with yourself as you are learning life’s lessons. Do not judge yourself harshly or punish yourself for mistakes of your past. Let go and move forward with compassion and forgiveness. Now is the time to move into your heart space and lead from a place of love. Look at the relationships in your life and ask yourself how you may nurture them to their fullest potential. Additionally, it is important to look at your own relationship with your mother and take the steps necessary to strengthen that bond. If you are a mother, ask yourself how you may be of the highest service to your children by honoring their individual needs.