Peacock Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Embrace your natural beauty and don’t be afraid to stand out. Let yourself shine brightly.

When you’re ready to stand confidently in your unique expression of self, call on Peacock. This vibrant and stunning bird is a reminder to embrace your natural beauty and not be afraid to stand out. Wear bright colors and let yourself have fun with your wardrobe and self expression. Peacock energy enables you to have confidence while still remaining grounded. Your beauty is more than skin deep. You have a generous and loving heart that holds just as much inner beauty as what you see on the outside. Acknowledge your patience, compassion and desire to help others. You shine brightly as an inspiration to those around you. Peacock is a bringer of good luck and prosperity and will help you in achieving your sincerely rooted humanitarian goals. Embrace these qualities and love yourself exactly the way you are.