Picture Jasper Teacups

$ 144

These handmade Picture Jasper Teacups come as a matching set of four. Each cup is glazed in a matte shino glaze over white speckled clay body with Picture Jasper crystals attached. These are perfect for ceremonial tea ceremonies including Pu-Erh as well as small single shot of espresso. Handmade in Sedona, Arizona by Rachel Farabaugh.

Picture Jasper is a very grounded crystal that helps to enhance one's connection with Earth. It is said to open channels of creativity and helps to bring visions and dreams to life. This crystal is excellent for meditation and finding purpose in one's life when it comes to natural talents and abilities. It has a strong connection to rituals, making it excellent for use in tea or cocoa ceremonies that are set with positive intentions. 

SIZE: 2.25" height x 2.25" width
VOLUME: 2.5 oz
USE: Ceremonial Tea / Pu-Erh / Sencha / Oolong / Espresso / Cacao