Rattlesnake Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Be prepared for deep and profound life changing transformations as you shed old attachments.

Snakes are one of the most ancient and primordial symbols known to mankind, and they are represented across all cultures throughout time. When Snake shows up, be prepared for deep and profound life changing transformations. It is time to shed old attachments and let go of anything holding you back. As you transition into this new phase, allow yourself to face your fears and release any limiting beliefs. You have outgrown the situations and experiences that no longer serve you. These challenges have brought you immense wisdom, and now you are able to take that knowledge with you as you ascend to the next level. Continue to shed your old layers as you expand and do not be afraid of the changes that are happening. You are meant to evolve as you experience each new awakening that progresses you through life.